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The rise of extremism – which values to fight it? with Andre Bercoff, writer and journalist



Thursday 12th October


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

in St. James’s

Price Member (please login) £30
Price Non-Member £70



Thursday 12 October

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm



Carlton Club

69 St James’s St

St. James’s

London SW1A 1PJ



Most cases of radicalisation in the West involve a process in which the individual comes to reject, violently or not, the foundations of their home country. A values-based approach is therefore needed to confront extremism. But what happen if the West is no longer famous for its freedom and democracy?



André Bercoff, is a Franco-Lebanese journalist and writer born in Beirut. Since his first book ‘L’Autre France’ in 1975, André Bercoff has published more than thirty essays on the strong trends of today’s society, which prepare the mutations of tomorrow.

As a writer, he was successively known as Philippe de Commines, Mitterrand’s 180 Days, Philippe Mura, Nothing Goes More and Finally Cato, The Reconquest, The Renaissance and How Mitterrand Can Help Save Capitalism in France. But it is through his works like ‘Vivre Plus’, ‘Civic Instruction Manual for Unsustainable Times’ and ‘the Injuries of Eros’ that he endeavors to make an inventory of the lines of force that mark our epoch.

A great traveler, he has published a book on ‘The Memory of the Palaces: a world tour of mythical hotels’, which describes a two-year course in some fifty cities on the planet.

André Bercoff is a journalist in the political, cultural and social sectors. He started in Lebanon in 1960, where until 1966 he was the cultural editor of L’Orient-Le Jour. He was then co-editor-in-chief of Jeune Afrique, a major reporter for the « Vie vie moderne » section of L’Express between 1968 and 1974. He then shared his pen with the events between his famous strokes for Actuel – and his moods In Le Monde, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, Globe, Playboy and Lui, of which he was editor-in-chief between 1984 and 1985. Editor of France-Soir from September 2003 to November 2004. Vice-President of France-Soir. President of the Press Club of France in 2004, re-elected in 2005 and 2006. He is currently, adviser to the editors of Valeurs Actuelles.

Now an independent journalist, he regularly speaks on BFM TV, Radio Classique and LCI.

He was a literary director at Editions Belfond then editor at Robert Laffont and Albin Michel.



  • L’Autre France (Stock)
  • La ruée vers l’or noir (Belfond)
  • Le livre des possibilités – Tome 1: Tout (Robert Laffont)
  • Le livre des possibilités – Tome 2: Nu (Robert Laffont)
  • Le livre des possibilités – Tome 3: Nous (Robert Laffont)
  • Herbert Pagani (Seghers)
  • Les 180 jours de Mitterrand (Belfond)
  • La guerre des autres (Albin Michel)
  • Moretti Carrément (Encre)
  • Vivre plus (Robert Laffont)
  • De la reconquête (Fayard) sous le pseudonyme de Caton
  • De la renaissance (Fayard) sous le pseudonyme de Caton
  • Ruminations divines (Fayard)
  • Rien ne va plus (Orban) sous le pseudonyme de Philippe Murat
  • Les blessures d’Eros (Balland)
  • Manuel d’instruction civique pour temps ingouvernables (Grasset)
  • Comment aider Mitterrand à sauver le capitalisme en France (Albin Michel)
  • Qui choisir (Robert Laffont)
  • La mémoire des Palaces (Fayard)
  • Lettre ouverte à ceux qui ne sont rien et qui veulent être tout (Albin Michel)
  • Le parti d’en jouir (Belles Lettres)
  • Le nouveau catéchisme veut-il tuer l’Eglise (Michel Lafon)
  • La lutte finale (Michel Lafon)
  • Les mauvais garçons (Spengler)
  • Ne tirez pas sur l’ambulance (avec J.B. Mallet) (Carrière)
  • Epître aux imbéciles (Rocher)
  • Le mystère Eleonora (avec O. Barrot) (Grasset)
  • Mémoires de palaces (Michel Lafon)
  • Comment ils ont tué Tapie (Michel Lafon)
  • Ce foutu pays bien-aimé (NIL)
  • Reconstruire, disent-ils (Flammarion)
  • Par ici la sortie (Grasset)
  • Hôtel George V, une légende parisienne (Michel Lafon)
  • D’une lâcheté Française (Flammarion)
  • Retour au pays natal (Gallimard)
  • Précis de décomposition française (Albin Michel)
  • La chasse au Sarko (Rocher)
  • Qui Choisir (First)
  • Moi Président (First)
  • Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais (Michalon)
  • Bernard Tapie, Marine Le Pen, la France et moi (First)
  • Moi, Président… (First)
  • Donald Trump – Les raisons de la colère (First)