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Author: Marc Pottier, Art Curator based in Rio de Janeiro
Article published on July 31, 2020
Original Article

Franck Scurti More is less. Installation in situ Palais de Tokyo 2019 © DR

Like any artist of his generation, Franck Scurti knows how to handle allusion. “More is less”, the title chosen for his exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in 2019, condenses its aesthetic approach very well. This artist, born in 1965, likes to work economically. This is why this poet of debris works a lot with objects found in the street. He took part in the exhibition « Des marches, démarche » at the Frac PACA and set up his studio « Day by day » at the Grand Palais, which lasted until the 23rd August 2019.

What interests Franck Scurti the most is the scope of the creative gesture. Having trouble speaking, he prefers to let the objects from his compositions, mainly sculptural, speak for him.

This French artist born in Lyon in 1965 and living in Paris is convinced that those who are looking for the big Story, should start from the small story. He takes a stand when he declares about ‘More is less’: « It will not make any value judgment on the loss of religious meaning for the benefit of a consumer culture, the multiplication of breads until their disappearance through technical reproduction rather suggest that economic models built on mass consumption inevitably lead to collective impoverishment. « 


Franck Scurti expose ‘Street Credibility’ (1998) à l’exposition FRAC PACA @ ADAGP Crédit photo Klaus Stober

He seeks to restore value to those abandoned objects he finds in his path and wants them to tell a story. He brings his finds together to form a story whose meaning is never said and where he likes to play with connections and the layering of the elements that make up his works.

A fine and discreet humour emerges from his crafts, of its made-up juxtapositions where bricks, parts of insulation walls are convincingly combined with tennis balls, posters, butterflies or even chess pieces…

As the artist says « there is a smile in my work to destabilise the viewer ». This humour can also be found in original compositions of everyday objects that he transforms and distorts.
It is the case in his series of illuminated retail signs which look like their reflections in the water or his ‘Street Crédibility’ exhibited at “Des marches, démarches” at Frac PACA.


Following the invitation of the Grand Palais in Paris, Franck Scurti established his studio in the Grande Nef until the 23rd August 2019 with an exhibition-project which “clearly announced his intentions: Day by day ».

By breaking the habits of the place, it was a real challenge for the artist, who in this anti ‘Monumenta’, under this disproportionate glass roof, is seen near the gigantism and the spectacularism of works by artists such as Anish Kapoor or Anselm Kiefer.

This time with Franck Scurti, there wasn’t a same day. It introduced a « work in progress », a construction game, a creation of works in daily motion without a predetermined project.

He braided debris in it but also wanted as he said ‘To drop the sky to the ground’ and work on puddles of sky (in posters) on the floor, all of this in an environment of bird cages which enclose « Scurti-style » constructions.
The exhibition was to be lived… day by day.

Interview Franck Scurti

Exhibition Teaser